Final Presentation

Synopsis :

MAG LAB were invited by Dr.Alberto ,T Estevez the founder and Prime director of “ESARQ” Universitat internacional de Catalunya director of PHD and Master Programs of Genetic-Biodigital Architecture,to do studio in Biodigital Architecture Master of 2009,under the titled of “ studio Information Systems-Digital Architectural Tools Towards New Architetural Forms And Tectonic “The studio commenced in 2nd February and was held by Professor Aref Maksoud the manager of MAG LAB a part of the Maksoud Architectural Group.

The main focus of the studio was the information that could Be obtained from living nature as most Biological systems And how we could learn from connections and transitions Between systems and sub-systems of biological entities.Such a study could also benefit the understanding Self-organization as a dynamic and adaptive process Through which systems can be achieved without external Control.

The Studio was held over a period of 4 weeks and was An exploration into parametric design illustrating the various uses of the information systems and digital tools and was directed Towards the understanding of New Architectural Form and Tectonics and provided an Understanding of the digital tools as a design strategy.

Studio Instructor Prof . Aref Maksoud “MAG LAB”
The Jury :
Prof . Dr.Alberto ,T Estevez “ Director of PHD and Master programs of Genetic-Biodigital Architecture”
Prof . Muhsen Maksoud “ General director of MAG and the chairman of Arabian international university-Damascus,Syria
Prof . Enric Ruiz Geli “Cloud9 Architecture Studio”
By : Martin B. Henriksen

Eco"Logic" Skyscraper

By:Christian Raun


By : Fei Maniati-Thalia Michail

Balanus Perforatus

By : Yonaty and Axelle


By : camilo guerrero, egoitz conte, marlen lopez

City Filter

By : Filipe Afonso and Mario Soria Aguilar

Urban Hair

By : Nelson B. Montas Laracuente

Sea Weeds

By : Victor and Delphine